ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, attracts athletes from around the globe as ASEA brand ambassadors, including Olympic gold medalists and worldwide record holders in competitive sports including swimming, running, cycling and powerlifting.

Each of these athletes, unique in background, has joined the ASEA Athletes team to demonstrate the positive impact ASEA’s cellular health supplement has had on their healthy, active lifestyles. These athletes use the ASEA Redox Supplement to enhance their physical performance, increasing their endurance and recovery times and allowing them to achieve new levels of success in their careers.

As ASEA continues to grow and expand, we are excited to partner with a field of extremely diverse and talented athletes. ASEA’s ground breaking redox signaling technology has shown to be beneficial to each of these athletes by improving their physical performance and overall health, giving them the ASEA edge over their competition. The diversity of these athletes shows that anyone, no matter age, gender or genetic disposition, can stay active and healthy longer by using ASEA.


Elite athletes report increased endurance and quicker recovery when using ASEA Redox Supplement. In every kind of cell, ASEA Redox Supplement enhances overall health, which means added support where the body needs it most.