Cody Waite – Champion XTERRA Triathlete

Cody joins ASEA with over 20 years of bike racing and triathlon racing experience under his belt, including many years racing at the elite level.

Over the last decade, Cody became a stepdad of 3 young girls, one of the United States’ best XTERRA racers, and a coach. (always seeking out the most effective training strategies and becoming a USA Triathlon certified coach. Never far from a healthy tan and a clean shave, Cody works hard at making coaching, training and racing his profession.

“My body takes a beating as a Xterra off-road triathlete. Typical distances are about a one-mile swim, 20-25-mile off-road mountain bike, and usually about a 6-mile trail run. It’s a 2-3 hour race over varied terrain—down big mountains, across rivers, and jumping over logs and rocks.

With ASEA, I’ve noticed 2 significant benefits: the enhancement of my endurance capabilities—being able to run and ride farther and faster, which is critical in racing. And the second big thing is the product has allowed me to stay healthy over the course of an 8-9 month training season. It’s easy to get run down, and the product has kept me healthy.

ASEA helps endurance athletes utilize more fat for fuel; that is what we’re trying to do with all our hours of training. We’re training our body to use our fat for fuel and spare the glycogen. So when we’re in a race situation, we have that high-octane glycogen energy at the end of the race so we can move forward.”


Husband and wife, parents, training partners, and best friends, Cody and Kathy just work well together. Their individual strengths as coaches and mentors complement each so well that they now coach athletes together as one. Cody handles the planning, programming, and the number crunching, while Kathy motivates, encourages, and inspires. Together, not a single stone is left unturned in the coaching process. Through the years Team Waite has identified six key components of endurance sport success: aerobic conditioning, strength and stability, skill proficiency, optimal nutrition, recovery strategies, and mental capacity. Through their coaching they address each of these components individually to make you the most complete endurance athlete possible.