Trygve Toskedal Larsen – Paralympic Skiier

Trygve Toskedal Larsen is a life-long athlete, beginning with recreational sports and eventually playing on the Norwegian National Baseball Team from 1994-2001. In 2001, he was in a motorcycle accident that caused injuries so severe that required the amputation of his left leg above the knee.

In 2002, he was introduced to cross-country skiing for the disabled and has worked his way up to being one of the best sit skiers in the world.

He started using ASEA and noticed that the quality of his sleep improved, giving him more focus throughout the day. After approximately one month or so he began to feel a tremendous energy boost and started to notice a change in his performance. He increased his training hours, felt he could train longer and harder without getting tired, and recovered faster than normal. Trygve is confident that these positive changes resulted from taking ASEA.

After years as a top athlete, he knows how difficult it is to improve your performance in a short amount of time, but with ASEA he said he “took a significant step forward.” Trygve says that he continues the benefits of ASEA in his performance. “I think ASEA is an amazing product, and I hope my competitors don’t get hold of this until after the next Olympics!” he says. “I am proud to be an ASEA athlete, and I know this product can benefit everyone even beyond just performing in training.”